Bursary Management Services

Our bursary-management service is aimed at identifying young people with tertiary acceptance who meet funders’ criteria. Companies can pay for candidates’ tuition and incidental fees, depending on the amount of the bursary funding and provide basic tertiary support for a specified number of years. We ensure maximum value for both bursary recipients and clients.

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We offer an end-to-end bursary management system, including the following:

Sourcing and selecting the right students

Managing all bursary applications and paperwork involved

Liaising with the students, issuing of the bursary agreement and award documents

All payments to accommodation, bookstores and tertiary institutions 

Monitoring student performance and communicating results 

Quarterly Reports on the progress of Bursary awardees 

We provide organisations with a list of suitable students that are either studying at higher educational institutions or registered to study in the following year. Every quarter we have students studying a variety of courses applying for a much needed bursary. 

If you are an exceptional student, individual that is seeking to further your studies in a tertiary opportunity