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Afrika Tikkun Services supports clients through the B-BBEE compliance process, from aligning scorecards to achieving tangible social and economic impact. The solutions we provide ensure that our clients achieve results that are in their best interest.

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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Consulting

BBBEE is a policy tool that promotes socio-economic growth, mobilises economic investment, creates jobs and empowers local communities. We understand  the revised B-BBEE scorecard can be a challenge to interpret.. We work with you ro help unravel the complexities of the BBBEE codes of good practise. From implementation to alignment and ROI, we are here to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your BBBEE efforts.

Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Act is the law that promotes equity in the workplace, ensures that all employees receive equal opportunities and that employees are protected from unfair treatment and any form of discrimination. We work with you to ensure your organisation is doing all the right things to comply with the Department of Labour requirements – from analyzing your workplace profile to formulating and designing the required Employment Equity Policies – we are here to provide detailed guidance and support.

Skills Development Facilitation (SDF)

Our qualified and experienced Skill Development Facilitators (SDF) analyses the skills requirements within an organisation and coordinates the execution of the personal development plans of employees; monitors the implementation of the workplace skills development plans and reports back to determine outcomes of learning. We most importantly help companies comply with the SETA requirements re submission of WSP (Workplace Skills Plan) and ATR (Annual Training Report).

Clients have the opportunity to engage with ATS across all 3 elements on a monthly retainer basis or to engage with us on an ad-hoc basis/ hour. As all 3 elements are strategic by nature, a monthly retainer is advisable and more cost effective. Alternatively, ATS can work with our consultants to provide a structured proposal that meets your business needs.

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