Enterprise and Supplier Development

Afrika Tikkun Services views job creation as a superpower: not only does it help support families and communities, it also drives progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, social cohesion

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Enterprise Development (ED) is a term describing a partnership between an established business and Black owned SMMEs, where the former plays a role in the advancement of the latter. Established businesses get involved in ED for positive societal change or a commercial reason. In South Africa, ED is pursued largely to benefit the broader society in order to stimulate economic activity with a specific focus on Black economic empowerment. As a commercial investment, investors would like to see that a small company grows fast in order to maximize the return on their investment. Afrika Tikkun Services not only meets the ED requirements, but more importantly, our business objective is both social and entrepreneurial in nature. This means that our underlying motive is to uplift South Africa’s youth through sustainable training and placement solutions that improve the quality of their lives.

Become an ED Investor

Client have options when it comes to ED Spend. Your Enterprise Development investment will be directed towards building a core operational foundation aimed at ensuring that we become profitable and sustainable in the long-term or ED funds can be allocated to young entrepreneurs emerging from our programmes to grow, develop and support their emerging businesses.

Companies supporting this programme will receive the benefit of developing the youth of South Africa and leverage this investment to meet ED standards as required by the BBBEE codes.
By choosing to partner with us, you will be changing the lives of young people who are disadvantaged by economic and social circumstances beyond their control.
Together, we can work toward the elimination of youth unemployment in South Africa in a sustainable way.

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