“It’s not every day that life hits you with a dose of kindness, but ever since I have been associated with Afrika Tikkun Services, my life has become so much better. My name is Mbuso Maphumula and I live in Orange Farm. Thanks to Afrika Tikkun Services, I am the first in my family able to go to University. This is a very proud moment for my family. My first two months of University was a great experience and I had settled in well with academic life on campus. That is, until the noble coronavirus hit the shores of South Africa. As a result, I had to leave campus and go home. That wasn’t bad because who doesn’t want to be at home right?

The university then decided to continue with the semester syllabus using online measures. This wasn’t the best news because I didn’t have a laptop at the time. Well, that was until Afrika Tikkun Services stepped in to stretch out a helping hand. They got me a laptop for all my online work, classes, assignments and submissions. I guess having all the required information doesn’t help if you don’t have the platform or devices to express your knowledge. My new laptop helps me with that and I am grateful and appreciative for the opportunity Afrika Tikkun Services and its partners have given me.”

Mbuso was awarded a bursary from KFC Social Responsibility Trust. He’s in his first year at the Nelson Mandela University, studying for a degree in Medicine. The purchase of the laptop was made possible through the KFC Social Responsibility Trust Bursary Fund.

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