Specialised Skill Training

Over and above the fundamental employability courses we offer, we provide specialised training. Specialised skills training is demand-driven training that focuses on critical skills related to a specific industry type. A blended training approach is adopted in 90% of the courses offered and incorporates elements of face-to-face facilitation, online training and workplace experience.

Our Objective is to provide candidates with enough industry specific soft and technical skills as well as workplace experience, thus making them more marketable and increasing their chances of becoming employed and economically active.

Information & Communication Technologies

Training is varied depending on client’s labour and skills needs. Training portfolio include:  End User Computing, Coding, ICDL,  Information technology, Programming, Software development/engineering, Networkr security, Data science, Full Stack developers etc


The training  content includes overview of the retail industry, the various role-players and how they affect the buying cycle and retail operations, sales and customer service, business skills and business communication, merchant maths, stock room, visual merchandising, Theft & fraud and business etiquette


This training targets the hospitality industry. Skills trained include :  Delivery Drivers, Cashiers,  Baristas etc

Vocational Skills

In  partnership with key role players in the industry, we offer bespoke training aimed at empowering young people to earn income as artisans either in the formal or informal economies. Training portfolio are currently limited to the  Glass fitting and Installation and  Hair & Beauty industry to  equip graduates with practical or first-hand skills to generate income through employment or self-employment.


Over a 6 to 24 month period, we train unemployed young people on the financial ecosystem as well as technology used to support or enable banking and financial services.

Drivers License

Refelcting on  the South African approach of impacting youth employment within various occupations, there is an unspoken truth that having a foundational skill such as driving makes youth more employable or promotable. The #DrivingChange initiative focuses on increasing the number of young people who move through the driver’s license funnel and qualify with a license in order to improve their opportunity of either gaining meaningful employment or being promoted from an entry level position. 

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