Work Experience

Our Work Experience programme is aimed at driving the employability of young people, by giving them the opportunity to showcase their abilities and gain a quality workplace experience. We help clients and candidates with 6-12 month placements.


We offer this service to SMEs, QSEs and NGO’s as a full-service HR and payroll system that is fully managed by Afrika Tikkun Services. 

Both candidates and businesses will benefit in the following ways


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This is an opportunity to gain work experience and demonstrate value to the company, with the potential to gain a full time career opportunity thereafter. Our partners are carefully chosen to ensure a real, tangible and meaningful work experience takes place for the candidate.


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This is a low-cost and effective way of gaining access to talent, with all accompanying HR and Payroll needs provided by ATS as integrated support service while that company is trying to find its feet within the economic ecosystem. Clients have the option to absorb the candidate into their business full-time post the work experience opportunity.

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