Afrika Tikkun Services Bursaries


The Importance of Education is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. Education improves one’s knowledge, skills and develops one’s personality and attitude. Through our bursary management program we walk the journey with the student and encourage them to achieve their best.

We motivate that one still applies for various bursaries offered by other organisations including NSFA’S administered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) “Fee-free higher education”.



• South African Citizens

• Undergraduate and Honours Students

• Student from households with combined income of less than R360 000 per annum

• Students who are studying at Universities/Colleges/Tvet in:

a. Gauteng
b. North West
c. Kwazulu Natal
d. Western Cape



  1. Copy of identify document
  2. Copy of your Matric Certificate
  3. Latest university/college academic results (if you are already enrolled)
  4. Proof of registration with a Tertiary Institution
  5. Statement of Fees (current)
  6. Statement of Accommodation
  7. Copy of personal bank statement
  8. Payslip/s or grant reference of parent / guardian or personal. If unemployed Please provide Affidavit
  9. Personal profile picture 


9. Statement of accommodation 
10. Textbook quote
11. Laptop quote

Commonly asked Questions and answers.

How do I apply?

• Please apply through our online application process. To apply click on the link below

I have problem accessing the Online Application Process

• Email [email protected] to guide you if you have any problem

How long should I wait before I receive a response?

• 4-6 weeks. If you don’t hear from us within 6 weeks, please consider your application unsuccessful. If your application is unsuccessful in the current round you will be contacted to be placed on our waiting list and will review your status bimonthly

What is your selection criteria?

a. South Africa Citizen
b. Between the ages of 18-35 year’s old
c. Average mark of 65% (Matric or Academic results)
d. Attend university/college in the following Provinces:
• Gauteng
• Western Cape
• KwaZulu Natal
• North-West
Preference will be given to students studying in the following order
• First degree/diploma
• Honours
• Post graduate diploma
• Master

Preference will be given to students from low income families. Parents earn less than R360 000 per annum. Please note that we do not provide bursary for Higher Education Certificates

What disqualifies me from the bursary?

a. If you don’t fill the form correctly. Please fill the document properly
b. If do not attach supporting documents as required
c. If your aggregate is less than 60 %
d. If you are foreign
e. If your admission is for a higher certificate
f. If your parents/guardian are middle, upper middle and wealthy class.
g. Attaching screenshots or pictures instead of the pdf version of required documents

How long will the bursary fund me for?

• One year and you have to reapply for the following year

Which disciplines are funded

• Currently all disciplines

What does the bursary cover?

• Subject to availability of funds and students needs, the bursary would consider covering tuition, accommodation, textbooks, laptop and stipends.

What are the requirements to be considered for additional Bursaries?

• You have to commit to all bursary obligations once you sign the bursary agreement
• You have to pass all your modules with nothing less than 65%
• You are required to engage with our Bursary program managers, attend workshops and communicate effectively

Do you offer work experience or vacation jobs?

• Yes but due to Covid 19 we unfortunately had to place this service on hold

Do you offer bursary to working persons?

• We do not offer a bursary to candidates who are working on a permanent basis

Will I be liable to pay back ATS for my financial aid?

• Not at all, you are not liable to pay back ATS but you must ensure you pass.

Will I be expected to offer services to ATS for my financial aid during or after completion of course?

• Not at all. ATS does offer further opportunities so it is a great place to get involved. Visit our Alumni Page to find out how we engage with Alumni. Registration at : Alumni Network Registration Form – Afrika Tikkun Services

What happens if I want to change my degree once I have received a bursary?

• It is important that you notify your candidate HR specialist before you do so, so we can inform the client and see the possibilities.
• If you choose to changes without the required notification, then you may not be eligible for further bursary funding

If I am part of Afrika Tikkun currently in a YES program/Learnerships/ Specialised skills training can I still apply for a Bursary?

• Yes, you may apply but will not be allowed to be in two programs at once so you will have to finish your current program and could be accepted once your program is complete.
• Please do inform this on your application as it is important to notify.
• Applicants who have had up to 4 opportunities given to them by Afrika Tikkun, they based on our policy will not be eligible.
• 4 opportunities include benefitting from 4 different programmes excluding GSI