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Afrika Tikkun Services 5th Annual Business Summit

Afrika Tikkun Services proudly presents its 5th Annual Business Summit—an event poised to be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and transformative ideas. This summit serves as a dynamic platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and budding entrepreneurs to converge and explore the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the business landscape. Through engaging discussions, insightful panels, and interactive workshops, the summit aims to catalyze meaningful connections and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of the business world. Afrika Tikkun’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and socioeconomic development takes center stage, making the 5th Annual Business Summit a pivotal moment in shaping the future of business leadership and impact in our communities.

Existing business winners

1st place

Nombifuthi Mbokazi –  31

Purposeful Beauty

Purposeful Beauty is a mobile hair and beauty bar offering quality service and convenience to clients. Purposeful Beauty offers a wide range and variety of hair treatments, styles and services. All this is offered and affordable prices without compromising on the excellent quality and treatment of clients and customers.

2nd place

Vusani Mandlhazi – 24

Dance with Sannie

Dance with Sannie Burna is a rhythm and dance initiative where creativity meets passion. It is a vibrant community where self-expression is encouraged through dance. Dance with Sannie, prides itself as being a dynamic and inclusive space that celebrates dance in all its forms. Self-expression, personal growth, and lasting connections are what you’ll get along with expert instruction, cutting-edge facilities, and an electrifying atmosphere

3rd place

Billy Phala – 28 &
Ontlametse Nawa – 21

Clear Trolley

Clear Trolley is a world-class e-commerce platform integrated with an e-hailing service. It assists entrepreneurs in reaching their intended target market and making it easier for customers to find an affordable and trustworthy store that they believe will satisfy their desires. The product is being developed and set to launch in Johannesburg, looking to serve the entire eco-system of Southern Africa.

Remaining existing businesses

Sihle Mathebula – 25

Sigma Analytics

Sigma Analytics is a graduate-led tutoring company located in Mpumalanga, devoted to assisting primary, secondary and tertiary students. Sigma Analytics also assists students with Matric upgrades and rewrites. Sigma Analytics is dedicated to enhancing the educational journey of learners and students by providing high-quality tutoring services across various subjects and offering academic mentorship.

Angel Msiya – 20

One Habit At A Time

One Habit At A Time originated in Johannesburg as a response to the pressing need for change within the community. It is a dedicated and innovative service-based company focused on promoting sustainable practices and environmental education. The business is committed to inspiring positive change in organisations, schools, and communities by offering a range of services, including sustainability consulting, green office programmes, sustainability workshops

Collen Selebogo – 26

Amos Cocktail Bar

Amos Cocktail Bar is a mobile cocktail business that crafts unique blends to create cocktails tailored to suit your specific occasion and preferences. Not only do they cater to cocktail enthusiasts, but they also consider those who don’t drink by offering delightful mocktails

Nyatshikalanga Tshikalanga – 29 Mduduzi Radebe – 28


Bioflexfitness is more than just a fitness and meal planning service; it’s a holistic approach to unlocking your full potential, whether it’s at home or, particularly, in the workplace where you spend a significant amount of your time. The focus is on integrating nutrition, mental health, and fitness to provide a comprehensive approach to overall well-being.

Business ideation winners

1st place

Jessica Kekana – 19

Creative Empire

Creative Empire is an exclusive and personalised crocheted fashion ware business. Creative Empire strives to become a trusted partner in helping customers express their unique style and feel confident in their choices. They provide a customer-orientated experience for fashion enthusiasts. Their goal is to save customers time and money by offering personalized clothing

2nd place

Zenzele Mntambo – 19

Ink frames

Ink Frames is a premier bespoke henna designs and tattoos business offering original and creative designs for special occasions. Ink Frames provides temporary and non-permanent body art for individuals who want to experiment with different designs without committing to a permanent tattoo. Certified and approved henna products are selected and used to ensure that products meet safety standards. They offer house calls or mobile henna services, providing convenience for clients who prefer henna art in the comfort of their own homes or at events.

3rd place

Koketso Mabiletsa – 18

KK Babysitting

KKT Babysitting offers a convenient, reliable and trustworthy mobile babysitting service. KKT Babsitting’s mission is to offer parents and caregivers a service where their burden is lessened while they focus on other duties. They provide updates on the child/children’s social and educational progress and ensure the utmost safety of the child/children at all times.

Making the youth of tomorrow

Afrika Tikkun Services is fostering a generation of dynamic entrepreneurs who are not only making a significant impact today but are also poised to become the inspirational leaders of tomorrow. Through innovative programs and mentorship initiatives, Afrika Tikkun Services empowers young individuals to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit, providing them with the tools and knowledge to navigate the business landscape successfully. These budding entrepreneurs are not merely creating businesses; they are building legacies that contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities. Afrika Tikkun’s commitment to nurturing youth potential is laying the foundation for a future where these emerging leaders play a pivotal role in shaping a prosperous and inclusive society.


Changing the game

Afrika Tikkun Services stands at the forefront of cultivating a new era of entrepreneurs who are not just adapting to change but are actively changing the game. These visionary individuals, mentored and empowered by Afrika Tikkun, embody innovation and resilience. Armed with an entrepreneurial mindset, they are disrupting traditional norms, introducing fresh ideas, and pioneering solutions to address societal challenges. Afrika Tikkun Services is not merely fostering business acumen but instilling a culture of transformative thinking, where every entrepreneur becomes a catalyst for positive change. Through their endeavors, these game-changers are not only redefining success but also inspiring a wave of progress that extends far beyond the business realm. Afrika Tikkun’s commitment to nurturing such trailblazers is fueling a paradigm shift in how we approach entrepreneurship and impact in the communities they serve.

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