Afrika Tikkun, a leading youth development organisation, commends the introduction of the new regulations in the Social Development Grant Act, stresses the crucial role this will have in ensuring the lawful allocation of government funds. The organisation emphasises that government needs to do more to hold citizens accountable for their own progress and own development.

Recovering funds from individuals who illegally accessed them is hailed as a significant step towards ensuring the rightful distribution of resources, curbing irregular expenditure, and combatting corruption. Afrika Tikkun expresses dismay at the challenges faced by the country in safeguarding funds earmarked for the most vulnerable, stressing the urgency of directing resources to those truly in need.

Moreover, the organisation fully supports efforts to prosecute individuals involved in any criminal activities related to fund allocation. The organisation also endorses regulations placing responsibility on beneficiaries to maintain reachable phone numbers, highlighting the importance of consistency in communication channels.

Onyi Nwaneri, Afrika Tikkun Group CEO, remarks, “We as South Africans must exercise greater diligence with our phone numbers. Frequent changes hinder access to essential services, impeding progress. Reliable phone numbers are essential for accessing opportunities and assistance. We urge South Africans to prioritise consistency in this regard.”

Afrika Tikkun believes these regulations will promote prudence in government expenditure, while empowering individuals to actively pursue their own advancement. By fostering reliable, sustainable, and lawful access to assistance, these measures will contribute to a more independent and proactive society.