According to the organisation, this landmark transition in leadership comes at a pivotal period for Afrika Tikkun as it celebrates 30 years of service, impact and excellence.

With Dr Nwaneri at the helm and Lubner in his new role as executive deputy chairperson, Afrika Tikkun is well-positioned to continue its mission of transforming lives and building a brighter future for the youth of South Africa, the organisation says. 

Having served with distinction as group CEO for the past 18 years, Lubner — in his capacity as the executive deputy chairperson — will focus on strategic initiatives, forging new partnerships and guiding the organisation’s long-term growth and sustainability.

Notably, part of Lubner’s seminal contributions was the establishment of Afrika Tikkun Services in 2012, spearheaded by Dr Onyi Nwaneri as CEO, a stalwart who has been integral to the organisation’s journey for the past 14 years, says Afrika Tikkun. 

In addition, Lubner has built upon the organisation’s initial groundwork of an unsustainable charitable model, into an organisation underpinned by social impact and sustainability.

According to Afrika Tikkun, Lubner’s legacy is evidenced through his work in developing and empowering young people to follow career pathways, reducing their dependency on aid. 

As the CEO of the Afrika Tikkun Group, Lubner created three entities within the group:
  • the child and youth development arm
  • the skills training entity focused on providing competent and well-prepared youth within identified job opportunities, and
  • a B-BBEE equity investment vehicle.
Afrika Tikkun went from 1 000 beneficiaries raising around R20-million to an organisation with total revenue exceeding R500-million, says the organisation. 

“I am honoured and humbled to assume the role of group CEO at Afrika Tikkun,” says Dr Nwaneri.

“I am committed to building on the incredible 30-year legacy established by the late Bertie Lubner and Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris and sustained through the years by Lubner’s son Marc Lubner. Together, Lubner and I will continue to drive positive change and create opportunities for the youth of South Africa,” Dr Nwaneri adds. 

As the outgoing group CEO, Lubner says, “It has been a privilege to lead Afrika Tikkun over the past 18 years.”

“I am excited to take on the role of executive deputy chairperson and to continue supporting the organisation in its mission to empower youth and transform communities. I have full confidence in Dr. Nwaneri’s leadership and vision for the future of Afrika Tikkun,” Lubner concludes. 

The organisation says that through its award-winning Cradle-to-Career 360-degree model, Afrika Tikkun has significantly impacted the lives of thousands, with initiatives like:
  • the Bamabanani Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme
  • the Ignite after-school curriculum, and
  • the Head Start career development programme.
Through these initiatives, Afrika Tikkun has provided holistic support to over:
  • 32 986 children
  • 79 700 young people, and
  • 30 181 young adults, respectively.
The organisation has distributed 25 032 781 meals to its beneficiaries and their families, ensuring their well-being and sustenance, Afrika Tikkun adds. 

Afrika Tikkun concludes that as the organisation embarks on this new chapter, Lubner’s strategic guidance and expertise, together with Nwaneri’s exceptional leadership and passion, will be instrumental in shaping its future direction of upscaling its reach and ensuring continued success in broader communities.