Over the past few weeks we have been privileged to form part of the YoMobi Initiative where we were able to experience and learn about diversity, customer service and community service. The week-long training equipped us with the necessary skills, confidence and entrepreneurial knowledge to carry out our tasks successfully. 

It is through the efforts of the Afrika Tikkun Services training team and in particular Mr. Talib Salim, who did an exceptional job in preparing each and every one of us for the journey ahead, that our efforts were successful. We are truly grateful to have received such outstanding training from one of the best at Afrika Tikkun Services. 

We were able to identify the most vulnerable families within our community and subsequently register them to receive food relief support from Afrika Tikkun & UNICEF. It was clear from the onset that, as a result of Covid-19, our communities are in dire straits across the inner city and beyond. The level of food insecurity in particular, largely due to loss of employment and business opportunities, was clear to see as we went from building to building, shack to shack and ultimately spaza shop to spaza shop over a period of seven days.

We managed to on-board just over 1 250 households and a total of 30 spaza shops. The team of ten (10) was led by two hard-working and committed team leaders who were backed up by their highly professional and committed Project Manager Ms Thabang Molefe. We owe a great deal to Ms Molefe for her continuous encouragement and commitment to the team. We attribute the work done and overall success of the project to our general team members, who exemplified an unrelenting commitment to identifying the most vulnerable within our community and ensuring that they receive the required assistance. 

There were no major challenges encountered during the course of the project with the exception of the iSpani App. However due to the level of commitment from the technical and support team from iSpani, with particular reference to Mr. K. Moroe, we were able to successfully surmount every challenge during the course of our work. Indeed, the experience we received in terms of the future of technology and data gathering through the use of the iSpani app was priceless. 

Overall the on-boarding of households and spaza shops was a resounding success and we look forward to the project continuing in future, so that we can reach even more vulnerable households within our community and the inner city in general.

Afrika Tikkun workers in a township area.
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