BBBEE Newsletter January 2021

Why you need a good BEE Consultant

The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Codes are a complex set of rules and regulations and are no longer simply a “tick box” exercise. There is a tremendous shortage of reliable and accurate BEE advice which leaves many business owners confused and frustrated when it comes to developing and integrating a BEE strategy that works for their company.

A BEE consultant is vital for every company that needs to comply with today’s BEE legislation. Years ago, you could patch a BEE plan together but today your certificate earns your customers points towards their certificate.  The higher your rating the more desirable your company.

A good BEE consultant is a BEE expert that has served time as a Bee analysist, undergoes continuous training in the latest legislation, keeps up to date with the latest BEE codes, interpretations, SANAS and the BEE Commissioner and is able to translate their learnings into a strategic plan for your company.

The difference between a BEE Consultant and a BEE Verification Analyst?

  • A BEE Consultant is a professional advisor to different business categories ranging from small, medium, and large businesses in all sectors. They are actively involved in assisting your business with BEE queries and preparing your company for a successful BEE strategy , implementation and verification. A BEE Consultant will assist you to achieve your desired level of B-BBEE in the most cost-effective way.
  • A BEE Verification Analyst is the person who deals with the verification process from an independent and impartial point of view by verifying the companies BEE Compliance on date of Audit. Once the analyst has all the necessary information, it is verified by the Verification analyst and then by the technical signatory. Under the SANAS R47 a BEE verification company is not permitted to offer BEE consulting and is seen as an offence under the BEE Act.

BEE changes as your business evolves, as does legislation. All companies face challenges, but herein possibly lie the possible opportunities. The role of a Strategic BEE consultant cannot be over emphasized, BEE is a process and not a once-off exercise if your company is to survive in today’s times. The closer a company works with a BEE consultant the better the results. Companies need to partner with their consultant, and they need to engage with each other to ensure the companies transformation and business objectives are aligned.

Why not give us, at Afrika Tikkun Services, a call on 011 325 5914 or email us , so that we can help you understand the B-BBEE Act and assist all queries or other B-BBEE related matters.

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