Budding entrepreneurs compete in Afrika Tikkun Services 2022 Business Summit

Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS) hosted its 4th Annual Alumni Entrepreneur Network Business Summit, on 10 September 2022, celebrating their ingenious entrepreneurs. The Summit provided young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pitch or present their business ideas to a panel of judges and a chance to win various prizes including mentorships, training courses, or equipment to start or grow their business ventures.

The Alumni Entrepreneur Network (AEN) is a platform that provides ongoing entrepreneur support, through masterclasses, training, mentorship, and competitions to enable young people to be economically independent, pursue entrepreneurship as a career path, and create jobs for their peers.

The Summit was the final round of the 2022 competition, where 154 entrepreneurs had entered into two categories, business startups, and existing businesses. Of the 154 entrepreneurs, only 15 businesses (8 startups and 7 existing) made it to the final round of this year’s competition. Ground-breaking and innovative startups, both formal and informal, as well as existing businesses, were celebrated and awarded for their ingenious ideas.

Five exceptional judges who are industry leaders in their respective fields adjudicated the competition namely Jared Kruger, Lorato Ntsie, Thokozile Mcopele, Tasneem Dajee, and Rachel Mokgotho. All the participants and category winners were awarded entry to the Startup School 12-week Entrepreneurship Programme.

Jared Kruger is the head of Education and Operations at Startup School, an entrepreneurship development organisation, and an entrepreneurship education specialist, an artist, a father, and an ocean fanatic. He holds a Master of Philosophy in Education from the University of Cape Town, and has over 12 years of experience in the education technology (EdTech) and business education industry.

Lorato Ntsie is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) lecturer, director, civil engineering consultant, and a licensed drone pilot at MAP Afrika Holdings, where she is a founder and managing member. She holds a South African Aviation Authority (SACAA) and a registered remote pilot license (VLOS).

Thokozile Mcopele is a relationship manager: Global Clients at Absa Corporate Investment Banking (CIB) with 10 years of experience in investment banking and consultation. She holds an undergraduate degree in business administration, specialising in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and an honours degree in Strategic Management. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in Philosophy in International Business at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). In her capacity, she is a convenor who facilitates conversations that bring about positive change in society.

Tasneem Dajee is a technical financial accountant with 12 years of experience in the information technology (IT) industry. She has expertise as a customer success manager and in software consulting, as a software lecturer in Engagement Management, and Sales Engineering.

Rachel Mokgotho, a transformation manager by profession, worked as a software developer at the start of her career, and moved on to become a business analyst for one of the biggest media companies in Africa. Her career trajectory also includes working for one of the biggest financial institutions in Southern Africa before her current role as a transformation manager at Zensar.

Our esteemed judges were presented and inundated with immense talent and ingenious ideas from our 15 finalists. At the end of the competition, there were six winners overall, three in each category (startups and existing businesses). In the startups category, the deserving winners were Happiness Shabangu and Phemelo Mahuma for their ‘Threads Designs’ business, who took the first prize of R8,000. The first runner-up, Carvin Khabmbule won R5,000 for his ‘Xunimet Promotions’ business, and Given Ndlovu was the second runner-up, who won R3,000 for his ‘Gaming Reality’ business.

In the existing category, the winner was Masingita Baloyi for her ‘Masingita Creations’ who won R10,000. Harold Mafera took second prize, valued at R5,000 for his ‘Bizzas Kishin’ business, with Sinenhlanhla Ngwenya as the third runner-up for her ‘Royal Gift Box’ business, valued at R4,000.

At Afrika Tikkun Services we believe in empowering the youth and that every person deserves the opportunity to realise their potential. Thus, it is at such platforms that we are proud to showcase the potential of our young people who we know are future pioneers and trailblazers. We wish all our participants and winners all the best in their entrepreneurship journey, and with continued support from Afrika Tikkun Services and our partners, they will surely thrive.

Source: Biz Community

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