YES candidate Lindokuhle Bontle Madiba 

My name is Lindokuhle Bontle Madiba, I am 25 years old, all the way from Witbank Mpumalanga. 

Before the programme I was searching for employment, and to generate an income, with help from my mom, I sold 3kg Russians to our community and relatives. That phase of my life was very stressful, and I think I would have gotten depressed if it wasn’t for the support I got from my family. 

Thanks to the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme I am currently hosted at Fuse IT where I am responsible for software testing. My job is to test software (mobile apps, websites, and APIs), both manual and automated testing. The programme has impacted my life greatly, I now have a guaranteed income that enables me to take care of my basic needs and sometimes even my wants. The programme has exposed me to the workspace and with that, I get to learn many new things when it comes to my career field (which is IT) and the workspace in general. I have developed a lot in my skills and social interactions/networking. 

The skills I have acquired throughout this programme are working in an AWS transformation programme for the company, where I was exposed to strategy analysis. I have learned how to perform software tests and document test cases, which is something I had little knowledge of when I first started. I was first exposed to manual software testing, then later introduced to automated testing where we used software tools to test applications, websites and APIs. I can now say that I have experience in software testing and software testing tools, e.g. Jmeter and Postman. I got to re-write my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam through the host company and I am planning on getting another certification on AWS. 

This programme has exposed me to so many opportunities. In addition to new skills, I’ve been able to gain experience and I can truly say that I have grown as a professional and I have also grown as a person. In 5 years, I see myself having grown in my career and being permanently employed. Through this programme, I’ve been able to improve my CV. 

I would like to thank my sponsors for this amazing opportunity, and I am truly appreciative of your support. Your contribution was vital in continuing through with the programme, it would have been tough without the generosity of supporters like you. 

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