Bursary candidate Onika Dyantyi Success Story

My name is Onika Dyantyi and I’m currently employed at Old Mutual as a Salaried Financial Advisor.

First and foremost I’d like to thank Afrika Tikkun and Port Stevedoring for funding my Honours year. I do not know where I would have found funding if I was not given this opportunity as it is quite difficult securing funding for a Humanities qualification.

Afrika Tikkun came into my life at a time of mourning and sadness, and not knowing where to look next or which door to knock on. When Afrika Tikkun responded my family and I were so excited to learn that my fees, accommodation were going to be fully paid for and that I had to collect my laptop (in which I am still grateful for because I had previously written my online exams via cellphone). We felt that our newly gained angel was already at work.

Through the coaching sessions, facilitated by Lintle and Olivia, one is very much still guided by the lessons learnt and take away messages. Two of those take away messages that still guide me now especially while looking for permanent employment opportunities is to not be upset when one door closes, perhaps another greater opportunity is awaiting you. To celebrate every achievement no matter how small it is and to not always be ready for negative outcomes. A lesson learnt was in order to track your productivity and progress have a weekly calendar where you jot down all your “to do’s” and tick as you complete your tasks. This is also a way to plan how your week will look like.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the opportunity. May God bless Afrika Tikkun with more funders that will help the organization achieve its objectives

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