Colleen Moeletsi Success Story

My name is Colleen Moeletsi, I am 21 years old and I stay in Berea with my parents and my nephews.

Most people would say what you do while in high school will shape you once you are done with high school. Well, I beg to differ. My journey with Afrika Tikkun started when I was in high school when I did the CYD (child and youth development) afterschool program. After the program, I thought I would venture into something different but I found myself again in Afrika Tikkun doing a program for young people aged between 18-22 called YAP.

After graduating from the program, I joined another program to further enhance my skills, PYS (presidential youth service). During PYS I also joined Young Urban Women and Young Urban Men. A group where young people meet to discuss social issues that are affecting them as young people and come up with possible solutions for those issues. Using a human rights-based approach to development, the group places a commitment to building active young people who can advocate for social issues in their communities. This lays the foundation for addressing youth access to decent work, sexual and reproductive services simultaneously in three key ways: empowerment, campaigning, and solidarity.

During my journey with the YUW/M advocacy group, I was able to identify my strengths and weakness which makes it easier to establish the kind of person I am when working with a team of people are I am not familiar with. Through my communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills I see myself being the best version of myself, I see myself achieving and attaining my dreams through my skills that are enhanced and polished.

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