Dimakatso Abigail Makhasane Success Story

Re-introducing Dimakatso Abigail Makhasane

Dimakatso Abigail Makhasane is a Social Entrepreneur, Social Influencer, Marketing Student, South African Blogger, and Creative Writer for a number of online platforms.

As a writer, my journey started in my early years, with me writing diaries and newspapers frequently. I came to love this skill, despite not having a lot of understanding about it, but I was thrilled to write and one day someone would read and be inspired by my work.

Charity starts at home! My mother gives more than she gets, and I think that she has passed down the same principles to me. When I started celebrating my birthday differently, my social entrepreneurial side came out. Every year for my birthday, I chose to dedicate it to providing young girls an appreciation box that contains toiletries, chocolate, and a journal.

I am overjoyed to be a part of Afrika Tikkun. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have some of my abilities, interests, and skills encouraged and developed. I was delighted not only to have joined the Alumni network, but also to have run across young people I had previously worked with through Afrika Tikkun’s different programs, initiatives, and opportunities.

When I initially came into the Uthando center 9 months ago, I had no idea I would develop so much in such a short period of time. Not only am I rapidly growing, but I have also added a GSI certificate to my list of certificates.

Dreams do come true, and hard work is rewarded! Every morning, I grin and look at my development, and I constantly wonder if I wouldn’t have answered the Afrika Tikkun Services call, would I be where I am now?

Please allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is Dimakatso Abigail Makhasane. I am a social entrepreneur, a social influencer, a marketing student, a blogger, the President of the Alumni Network, a Junior Board Member of Afrika Tikkun Services, and the newly appointed full-time Library Facilitator for CYD (child and youth development).

All of this occurred in a short period of time while I was focused on the price. You can do everything you set your mind to. Nothing except your mind, ideas, and negative energy can stop you.

To any young person who is feeling out of place right now, remember why you started in the first place. ‘How desperately do I want it?’ ask yourself. The response to that will keep you going.

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