How Afrika Tikkun Impacts Youth Unemployment

How Afrika Tikkun Impacts Youth Unemployment Through Sustainable Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Do you know that :

  • 6.7 million people were recorded as unemployed in Q3 of 2019, a record high (up 78,000 relative to Q2 2019, and up 524,000 year-on-year), which equates to an official unemployment rate of 29.1%, up from 29.0% in Q2 2019.
  • This excludes the number of discouraged workers, which in Q3 2019 totalled 2.7 million.
  • Adding the discouraged workers to the official number, 9.5 million people in South Africa are therefore effectively unemployed, equating to an expanded unemployment rate of 38.5%.
SA’s unemployment rate is the highest recorded since the current data series started and extremely high by international standards.
The face of youth unemployment is predominantly black, female and with less than or Matric qualification

Clearly, the rate of youth unemployment has become a national crisis, with significant social, economic and political implications. Furthermore, the high rate of unemployment contributes to much of the social tension (drugs, crime social unrests) , inequality and anguish experienced in South Africa on a daily basis, especially among the youth.

Increasing employment in South Africa has to be the number one economic/political/business and social objectives, and can only be resolved meaningfully through a concerted and sustained effort to improve skills development and entrepreneurship.

How Can You Help : Why not transform lives and transform your business with us

  • Afrika Tikkun Services  (ATS) is a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) advisory, recruitment, training and placement company. Our aim is to support clients to achieve full integration of youth employability solutions through implementing end-to-end project management that is aligned to client-specific business drivers and the fulfilment of short, medium to long-term development objectives.

  • Since our inception, ATS has focused on building strategic partnerships with like-minded entities, in order to facilitate the implementation of innovative interventions which will positively impact the South African economy, through the development of young people.

  • We offer our clients an efficient and effective single point of contact, for all their Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Corporate Social Investment requirements. Our training offerings are highly relevant, as they are demand-driven, based on market needs. Our approach is people-centred and offers marketing and branding opportunities as well as employee engagement and volunteering opportunities. Our skills development programmes in particular are designed to help meet both the internal and external transformational needs of our clients. We are particularly proud of the flexible nature of our learnerships, internships and work experience /Youth Empowerment Service (YES) placement solutions, which were required, sources partner host sites for clients, taking full accountability for overall process management.

  • Being a level 2 black owned EME that focuses on accelerating access for Afrika Tikkun graduates into various entry level opportunities, your ED investment grows our capacity and our ability to access and retain new business. Should you contact us to deliver any of our core services to you (B-BBEE Consulting, SDF Services, end-to-end management of Learnerships and Internships, work experience/YES/entry level placements), we automatically become a supplier and can therefore help you to meet your supplier development requirements.
  •  This year, we are pushing the envelope. Our BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (b-h-a-g) is to economically empower (skill, train and place into employment/self-employment opportunities)  over 3000 young people helping them sustainably break out of poverty.

We are counting on your partnership to help us achieve this.  FYI Last year we skilled over 3758 young people and placed 1767 young people in various economic income generating opportunitie

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