Keitumetse Mahlomoje

My name is Keitumetse, from Roodeport. I completed matric in 2015 and enrolled for a BCom General Degree at Wits. I heard about the YES opportunity from Michelin, the company that also funded my studies, which is also my host company. I am hosted as a Marketing Intern, my day-to-day activities include market research, researching trends in marketing and identifying areas of improvement, I also assist with administration. I have learned how to communicate effectively, push myself, work as a team, I am a people’s person, always invested in the people around me, and my manager praised me a lot for that quality. What qualified me for this opportunity is my willingness to learn, determination and my qualifications.

Within this programme, I learned to be less doubtful and believe in my abilities to learn and grow. The experience so far has been very valuable, it creates a platform for me as a graduate to learn how the world of work works, exposes me to the dynamics in the workplace. After this programme I plan to venture into entrepreneurship, establish a marketing agency, and I am also hoping with the work that I put in I get a permanent position. I am a very persistent individual and that is a quality that I believe will take me far.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, To Michelin, YES and Afrika Tikkun, thank you, the programme has been very beneficial, positive and informative. I have enjoyed the YES modules as well, I wish they were available to most youth in SA, they are insightful, enlightens, informative and solves problems. To the unemployed youth, believe in yourself, if you don’t think you’re good enough, nobody will think you are, assert yourself and be patient.

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