Lutho Qamba success story

I am Lutho Qamba originally come from Eastern Cape, which is a rural place. I came to Cape Town seeking better opportunities that were hard to find in Eastern Cape, or so I thought. Life has not been easy as I thought it would be once I was here because of the experience of not getting opportunities. Luckily, I heard about Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS) and its programmes for the youth, and that is when I got involved with Afrika Tikkun Services. I discovered it was exactly what I needed.

After completing the Work Readiness programme I was registered as an Alumni on the Alumni Network. The reason for me to join was that the Alumni Network is inter-connected in a way that every candidate is in contact with every opportunity that ATS has to offer.

I participated in the Work Readiness programme as a candidate and now I am an Assistant Facilitator. I can say that in the programme I had adapted and developed characteristics to help me be a better version of myself. The reason I took the offer to become an Assistant Facilitator is that I saw it as an opportunity to positively impact other young people so they can also be a better version of themselves. Creating a positive or good change is what I love doing

Empowering the youth with knowledge skills and the platform to make their lives easier, in a way is the clearest example of implementing ATS’s value of ‘Empowerment’.

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