Mpho Cheryl Mudziwa and this is my story

Mpho Cheryl Mudziwa and this is my story.

My name is Mpho Cheryl Mudziwa (25), and I am a member of Alexandra’s Afrika Tikkun centre Career Development Programme (CDP) Work Readiness Program. Months ago, I was unemployed and hopeless after just completing my studies. I really wanted to get a chance to be part of something productive. I was eager to learn, meet new people and make a difference in my community. I joined Afrika Tikkun Services, Phuthaditjaba Centre, and little did I know that I had just found “a home, away from home”. I was immediately taken by the “can do ” spirit that the facilitators championed and the welcoming atmosphere from the rest of the staff.

It has been an informative journey right from the beginning till today. The Work Readiness Program has been very eye-opening in a sense that it offers vital skills for the workplace, but not only that, it also helped me grow as an individual. What impacted me the most was the future leadership journey. This is where I had to sit back and introspect. I had to reflect on my past decisions and how they have influenced who I am today. It is an essential course; I strongly recommend to any young person that they rediscover themselves, from character traits, passion and drive to goals and plans for the future.

We are living in a country where a lot is going on at the moment, with the global pandemic adding to the storm. The pandemic has impacted an already struggling economy and this is why the Work Readiness Program is a crucial solution right now. 

We also have more problems to address. In President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent speech, he mentioned that gender-based violence should be considered the second pandemic in South Africa. This issue is also addressed by the Career Development Programme and Work Readiness Program as it organizes informative lessons about gender equality. Also, In the spirit of celebrating women this month, let’s strive to acquire knowledge because when we know better, we do better. 

In conclusion, the Career Development Program has played a huge role in my life. I can confidently say that joining Afrika Tikkun has been a life changing experience that broadened my perspectives and challenged me to be better. If we educate young people we stand a chance of securing a well-informed generation that will bring the change we all so desperately hope for.

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