“Never give up.” Words of wisdom from Jabulile Makhaya

After matriculating in 2013, Jabulile spent long periods unable to find work. Despite her dire circumstances, Jabulile, who hails from Kanana Park in Johannesburg, wanted to improve her life and as a result, enrolled for a degree at the University of South Africa. Still, she was unable to financially make ends meet, and took to braiding hair in her community in order to make extra money. However, that still did not bring in as much income as she anticipated. When the opportunity to be part of the Youth Employment Service (YES) programme presented itself, Jabulile eagerly accepted it. Soon, things got better for her and her family, and her financial stressed eased. Jabulile now works as an Assistant Facilitator at Lethabong Day and After Care in Braamfontein.

Jabulile believes the YES programme has impacted her life positively. She has learned to better work with children, while embracing their uniqueness and exercising patience.  “Working with children can be a handful and yet exciting at the same time,” said Jabulile. “I’ve learnt how to deal with them as they are all different and they learn in different ways.”

She also learned the importance of time management, tackling every task with due diligence and dedication. Working with children has helped her enhance her self-esteem and self-confidence. Because she has always wanted to pursue working with children, Jabulile is certain she will graduate and flourish in her profession. She is very appreciative of the programme for equipping her with essential skills.

“I would advise the youth to never give up and keep trying no matter what and how hard it is,” says Jabulile. “In the process of looking for employment, they can develop their skills by doing short courses such as computer skills and also do some volunteering work around their community. This will boost their CV and increase their chances of employment.”

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