Raesetsa Maria Machaka Success Story

My name is Raesetsa Maria Machaka, I am 25 years old and from Diepsloot Ext 4. I was really nothing and had to rely on others (family), who supported me as old as I am. I felt useless as I couldn’t stand on my own, could not buy things I needed, and had to ask for each and everything I wanted.

This really affected me. I wasn’t myself anymore, I became quiet and withdrawn. Seeing others waking up in the morning going to work, made me feel worse – I was submitting my CV all over but nothing came up. It seems the only way to get a job is to know someone with connections.

I had no idea how to generate an income, and had no plans or any ideas on how to start my own small business. Fortunately, I was able to join the PYS programme, and am hosted at Oratile ECD in Diepsloot. My duties are to make sure that the learners are safe and well cared for, which I do by helping with cleaning up yard and children’s bathrooms, teaching the Grade R’s, feeding the infants during lunch, and taking good care of learners.

I have learnt a lot in the PYS programme since I now know how to start my own small business and have a source of income. I have also experienced teaching, cleaning etc. I can stand in front of people and speak as I have become more self-confident. I now see myself as a successful woman who is employed and having a bright future because the PYS programme assisted me to make a life better. I see bright future doe myself.

I would like to thank the PYS sponsor for what they have done for me. As mentioned, I believed I was nothing but a useless woman, but since I came across PYS programme I am now somebody who is responsible for my own life. I would advise young people to go to Africa Tikkun and find out more information about the PYS programme and apply. You will gain experience, learn new skills, be ale to take care of yourself, and have a brighter future.

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