My Name is Karabo Ramabu, I am an entrepreneur, and a social entrepreneur. I’m a founder /Director of a business called Star cleaning services, I also have a foundation called KeBotho foundation which aims at helping underprivileged people, with food, clothes, sanitary pads and many more, I’m also a freelancer Makeup Artist and a professional Radio Host. And above all I am an Afrika Tikkun Alumni and alumni Leader.

This is my Success Story through Afrika Tikkun Services. Life after Matric was not easy for me, later I then decided to study media at City Varsity that assisted me to be a professional Radio Host. As life was getting tougher, I started selling makeup & doing it and cleaning people’s houses just to make ends meet. I did it scared and unsure because my peers were laughing at me and saying it was not going to be a success but I did it anyway.

In 2020 I was introduced to Afrika Tikkun Services by a friend. She made me believe that there is truly a purpose for each and every person we meet in life and I met her with a purpose. Thank you, my friend, for introducing me to an amazing organization Afrika Tikkun Services. At the time I was a Radio Host at the local radio station, I left the job to begin the journey with Afrika Tikkun Services.

I started Work Readiness programme at Wings of Life Centre in Diepsloot. I met so many different people, from different backgrounds. All we wanted was to make it in life.

Upon completing the Programme, in 2021 I joined Afrika Tikkun Alumni movement, and I was selected to be a female President for Wings of Life center. I volunteered at the center helping with Career Development Programme (CDP) interviews. And I was later selected to be Alumni Junior Board Member and a Vice Chair.

Later I got a YES programme opportunity within Afrika Tikkun Services. And I found placement for myself at Bran Optometrist as a Front desk Receptionist at Riversands Square. And later got a permanent post.

I have grown so much within Afrika Tikkun Services, as an individual, leader and a business woman, I took all that I was taught at leadership camps and applied it to my daily life and my businesses.

When the business summit opportunity presented itself to me, I just knew I had to be there, it was the door that I’ve been waiting for. Thanks to Mr. Madalitso Ndewula who assisted me with transport fare to get to the Business Summit interview presentation. And I made it through all stages of the competition and took the 2021 Afrika Tikkun Business Summit 2nd prize of Existing Businesses.

Business Summit opened doors for me, through Afrika Tikkun services, I got a cleaning opportunity with TMF group, and Incubation hub Riversands Offered me an office space to host business meetings or Interviews.


I was also selected as one of the candidates to film in an Impact Video for one of Afrika Tikkun sponsors Allen Gray. And recently Star Cleaning Services signed a contract with Afrika Tikkun Services for Randburg Offices. I employed 2 people and saved 20 lives through employment I offered. My business has been operating and active for a while now, I see growth each and every day. Afrika Tikkun had played a huge role in my business’s growth. Thank you, Afrika Tikkun Services.

My resilience and grit carried me through. The lessons I’ve learnt through my journey is to accept failure as part of my journey, always keep my eyes open for new opportunities and believe in myself. Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends for being there for me, not forgetting Afrika Tikkun Services CEO, management, and all staff members those who has been there for me and for believing in me. Thank you.

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