Lutendo Mabogo and this is my story

My name is Lutendo and when I was looking for an opportunity to enhance myself, learn computer skills and also get mentorship in entrepreneurship, I came across Africa Tikkun. I was tired of trying to apply for jobs and always facing rejection. Finding out that Afrika Tikkun offered work readiness programmes was a blessing to me.

Getting into the programme from just my first week the experience was awesome and was not even close to what I had expected.

There were activities that I had to do both as an individual and as a group like the first activity we did which was a business simulation. The simulation was fun and very informative. Since I do and complete most of the things my own, having to complete a task with others made me see that I am also a good team player. 

The most important thing that I learned which I will take with me and apply in my social life and work environment is people skills. I learned that communication, empathy, connection, patience and sense of humour are soft skills that are very important.

I also learned how to build my confidence and how to write a CV that can land me in a job. I have learned so much including how to conduct myself in an interview since I’ve been struggling to get a job. I am now confident that if I get an interview I’ll definitely nail it.

I learned the techniques required to be a good sales representative, how to close a sale and that sales is not just about selling a product but it’s more of offering a solution to a customer’s​ needs.

Lastly I learned about how to become a good customer service specialist and deliver the most outstanding service to my customers and leave them with service that they never expected.

I really have a lot more that I have learned and definitely will take with me and apply in my daily life.  My confidence has definitely improved and I’m glad to have been part of the programme.

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