What I learned from the GSI Customer Service and Sales Representative learning pathway

It was really a great honour and opportunity to have taken part in the Microsoft Global Skills Initiative (GSI) Customer Service and Sales Representative course. This online course, conducted via LinkedIn, was one of the many learning pathways on offer. It was great for me because of the focus on soft skills and my dream to venture into the world of business.

Customer services: key takeways

I learned about the techniques that can help deliver outstanding customer service such as building rapport, exceeding customers’ expectations and solving problems.

Poor customer service, which may include being rude to a customer is unfortunately often memorable. Outstanding customer service exceeds your customers’ expectations. I learned that it’s best to treat customers as individuals; this may include approaching a customer and calling them by name or engaging in a short conversation.

Building rapport is one of the most important skills in customer service. It involves building a personal connection with the customer and getting them to know and like your services. It helps break the barrier and makes it easy to work with the customer.

I also realized the importance of actively listen to the customer and identifying a customers’ needs. This may include emotional needs and may require showing empathy and taking ownership of the problem.

Sales representative: key takeways

The course outlined a number of critical issues. For example, when considering a career in sales it’s very important to first start by developing yourself. This means being authentic, keeping yourself honest, and developing self-confidence.

As a sales person it’s important to keep things simple, and focus on the need of a customer and the goal of a sale.

I realise now that, in sales, first impression matters. This is why it’s important to be good to people, know your audience and admit when you are wrong. It’s also important to aim to close the deal. This means I must develop my own closing strategy and be able to identify the buyers’ signals. Planning, conducting proper research, knowing my products and never cutting corners are the pillars of being a good sales representative. It’s never a good practice to be too quick to want to close the sale. Mostly importantly, this course taught me that in sales, it’s critical to deliver on my promises.  

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity provided through Afrika Tikkun Services. I love having been exposed to GSI and can’t wait to be able to use my newfound skills and knowledge.

To register for the Global Skills Initiative click here https://afrikatikkunservices.com/gsisa/

By Lutendo Mabogo 

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