Odwa Dubula Employed

I’m Odwa Dubula staying Mfuleni, I came from Eastern Cape to Cape Town to find better opportunities. As they all say rural areas have few opportunities for us as youth to better our future.

I never applied for universities or colleges to further my studies immediately after I matriculated. Then I saw the gap to go out there and apply but as you all know that responses after applications takes time. I had to look for job or short courses, I kept myself busy with my art because I love drawing just to keep my mind off things.

You may think you know everything but you don’t. I lived in Mfuleni for long time but I never had time to know more of what is Afrika Tikkun what they do. Until people around was praising Afrika Tikkun of their good work for changing lives of young people. I’m the talkative and active person, I can socialise and most of the time that helped me at getting to know more of what is Afrika Tikkun’s programmes and how can I be part of it.

I came across an application for a Work readiness programme in 2021 for the third cohort, thereafter I applied and got called in to partake in the programme which changed my mind set about life, self-discipline, work ethics etc. I created safe space for myself in the programme with the facilitators and my peers, I conducted myself to the best person and funny person.

There was an opportunity at Britelink after I graduated from the program, I was selected to be among the candidates. I nailed the interview then we signed the contract of 6 months, within my contract I was then selected to take part in Driver’s licence opportunity. It was the best opportunity for me because it was one of the requirements for me to be permanent at Britelink, which I took the opportunity with both hands and made sure that I pass my driver’s licence. After I passed my driver’s license weeks later then I was absorbed at Britelink permanently, that’s where I saw things all coming together at once the biggest achievements of my life.

I’m glad I availed myself for everything at work if I had to work weekends I was there, for overtime I was there because I wanted to be seen so I won’t be forgotten. I took everything I was taught in Work Readiness Programme and implemented it on the right time and it worked out for me very well.

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