Tamiah Moyo success story

Afrika Tikkun has been a part of my story since matric and that has been a wonderful journey. I have always been a person who wants to challenge herself with new and exciting adventures, well I guess Afrika Tikkun can really keep you on your toes because you can never know what opportunity they are going to throw your way.

I came to Afrika Tikkun just to get myself vaccinated and that’s when I met Thabani and we started chatting with him and he told us about the GSI programme that was happening. I asked if I could join then he took us to the computer lab and I registered for the programme. When I finished with the GSI training that’s when I heard about the Work readiness Program, I knew that I had to register for the programme.

The programme was a new breathe of fresh air because I got to meet new faces and learn a lot about the personalities that we had in our cohort. Every day we were pressured to be the best and do the best. I saw a lot of growth in me every day and I can proudly say that I am even more confident, out spoken, goal driven and innovative because when I got there I was just a girl who was hungry for success but I didn’t know where to start. I was wowed by how four amazing facilitators can really groom you to be the girl that you think you are and I will be forever grateful to the opportunity that was given to me.

Through the Child Development Programme (CDP).I was exposed to the Marketing Co-Ordinator at Uthando Centre. I knocked at her office and asked if I could volunteer and she was happy to hire me because of my experience and my designing skills. Today I can say that I am getting work experience and training with the marketing co-ordinator and I am proud of myself for knocking at that door. I am at my best now and praying to still be the best.

I started my volunteering at Uthando around June 2022. I have been assisting Tshepiso Rampho with organising and setting up for events, we even won an award for the best branding setup during the clean-up SA event for Mandela week. I also have been designing flyers for the centre, creating and writing success stories for the centre, reporting on events for the centre, creating and developing content for the centre and editing the content.

I later joined the Alumni network as a leader around July 2022. I have shared a number of my skills with the network in terms of helping them to align the network to the correct branding for Afrika Tikkun. I have been creating flyer, developing content, editing and distributing the content with the network. I have been trying my best to make marketing strategy moves for the network and I am currently in communication with Wits and working on a strategy on how we can best advertise the network to Wits Candidates through their radio station VoiceOfWits and I recently just designed the new logo to the network that will be used for the portal. 

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