Onthatile Naledi Millicent Mohuba Success Story

I am Onthatile Naledi Millicent Mohuba, your favourite star worth millions. I am from a family of seven, born and bred in Pimville. A small location on the outskirts of Soweto.

Changing the world’s beauty norms is what I stand for. The idea of beauty that has been inculcated and force fed to us is disruptive and it’s up to us the change this ideology. By us loving ourselves without the filters and the makeup, then we are changing the narrative that we love ourselves as we are.

Being the youngest of such a big family, it was hard to truly define myself and to find my activist voice. However, when I got to Afrika Tikkun I was able to discover myself, while doing the Youth Accelerator Programme. So, when I transitioned to the Alumni it was great that I met likeminded individuals that were intrigued and willing to change the world with their brilliant minds. Since my journey with the alumni began I have been a part of two programs; the Presidential Youth Services and the YES Program, and I’m currently working on a campaign.

The alumni is yet to see bigger and better things from me. I plan to be an active alumni and help grow this platform for other upcoming alumni. I hope to grow within both the alumni and the company. One day I’d like to be a part of the committee however, I can and will initiate change within the alumni itself.

I would love to go to a tertiary institution and get a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts. With that I would be able to help the alumni with its publishing, marketing and PR on a professional level and more volunteering opportunities within the industry I’d like to work in. I think the Alumni can help me in my future endeavours by exposing me to voluteering opportunities within the industry I’d like to work in and also helping all the alumni gain access to bursaries offered by their partners. My expectations are:

  1. For the alumni to grow and become a bigger platform
  2. For us to have real discussions on what we are currently facing as the youth
  3. For us to have more outreach programs within our communities.
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