Dipuo Veronica Mofokeng Success Story

My name is Dipuo Veronica Mofokeng. I am 28 years and from Orange Farm, Johannesburg. Before joining the YES Babcock programme, I volunteered as a news anchor, journalist and presenter for an online radio station in my community. I wasn’t earning and couldn’t provide or take care of myself very well, stressing over my next meal and feeling stagnant in life. in other words, my emotional and mental health was negatively affected. I used to write news articles for a digital news platform and generate a small income, but now I am grateful to be part of the YES Babcock programme because I am earning a stipend.

I am hosted at the Afrika Tikkun Arekopaneng Centre in Orange Farm and I work as an assistant facilitator for primary school learners. My passion for children has been reignited and I am constantly challenged to see and accept different life perspectives and embrace them without drifting from my own. My emotional intelligence has grown beyond my expectation; the children really bring me down to earth and have really broken down my walls in relationships. I didn’t know that I could teach and engage an age group younger than myself and still learn from them. I have seen parts of myself that I didn’t know – the empathy and patience I learnt in this programme is uplifting.

In the near future I see myself as a Communications Officer, Spokesperson or Copywriter. Thank you so much for believing in young people and offering us a chance to learn and grow within different job spectrums. My advice to other young people is “Volunteer at local organisations for work experience. Access the internet and study free online courses to be a bit more employable and attract work opportunities”.

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