Roxanne Mellis  Success Story

I learned about the GSI programme through a family member who also had completed several of the GSISA courses at the time. They asked me if I was interested in an IT course, I felt that I did not have the matric results to qualify to go in this direction so I enquired if there were any other courses I could do, and this is when I was Introduced to GSISA and the work readiness course. 

I started off with the work readiness course and while I was busy with this, I also started doing my GSISA course. I tried to get my friends involved in GSI, however, most of them wanted to get paid for their time to do the courses so they were not interested. Once I had completed my GSI courses and work readiness programme, I received a call from Thelma who is Afrika Tikkun’s Administrator at the Uthando centre. She asked me if I would be interested in being her Administrative Assistant. This is when I knew that all the time and sacrifice, I made was worth it because I now have a steady income source and most importantly, I am getting a lot of experience. I am just proud to be part of the work force.  

Even though you might not see the result now if you work hard at it and train yourself in multiple skills, it will pay off in the long run and it is worth it.  

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